Part of my practice involves an interpretive form of automatic drawing or writing exploring crossovers between the typographic, kinesthetic and sonic. 

For this piece I created an automatic typgraphic drawing in response to performed poetry by William Wardlaw Rogers.

Untitled, 2014
Ink on paper
20″ x 22″ (47cm x 50cm)


In 2011 I worked with poet Jason Shelley and created a visual piece for his poem

‘Writing with your eyes closed’

The wind is so strong outside.
The sun is shining. The wind is blowing.
Three sheets of writing paper on the bench, held down by a phone, are blown away.

The phone hits the ground.
I make chase for the paper stapled together at the corners.


Tourette Syndrome is a series of drawings inspired by Zakiewicz’s interest in exploring the brain’s response to stimuli and exploring the various filters or lack of filters and control we have over our actions

Tourette Syndrome, 2014
Pastel on paper
Dimensions TBC